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Precision Plumbing & Heating

At Precision Plumbing & Heating we are excited to offer our services for all your heating needs. Precision Plumbing & Heating offers a variety of heating services for all makes and brands. Annual maintenance of your heating system by one of our heating Technicians maximizes the life of the heating system and ensures that it will continue to run efficiently. The greatest advantage of yearly maintenance is that it saves you money in the long run.
The annual inspection will include a filter check and cleaning or replacement, checks for gas or carbon monoxide leaks and inspection of the heat exchanger and the blower assembly. We can install thermostats and check them for correct operation. We also do heating duct repair and replacements.

Furnace Replacement

If your furnace is failing or needs to be replaced, we can replace it with a new high efficiency furnace. We will assess your home to determine which model will be the best option for you. There are a variety of types and getting you set up with one that fits your needs and budget is what we do.

What is radiant heating?

Radiant floor heating uses plastic tubing in or underneath the flooring to circulate hot water. The water is heated, controlled, and circulated by a boiler and manifold system. The Boiler uses conduction to heat the water or liquid inside the unit. As the hot liquid is circulated through the tubing, it heats anything it touches. It warms the floor, and the heat rises to heat the room. This type of system can be a more energy efficient way to heat your home over the traditional forced air heating with a furnace and ducts. 

What is hydronic heating?

Hydronic heating systems use water to move heat from a source like a gas boiler or heat pumps through piping into each room. Often it is installed into concrete slabs, radiator panels or rails. It is like radiant heating, except it might not always be in the floor. Over time, the radiant and hydronic system might need maintenance or repairs. We have technicians who can service, and trouble shoot your system to get it operational again.

Heating Services

Full service residential heating for installation and repair. All makes and brands. We can trouble shoot your forced air and radiant heating to get it running again. We also do filter replacements. We recommend you do a filter change out on your forced air furnace at least once a year.